Not all good things
come from Europe..

Who We Are?

More&Fashion is an online platform where every will be able to design and order tailored made shoes.

In addition, the More&Fashion platform will enable Afro-African entrepreneurs to sell their fashion designs and arts to everyone over the world with the service hey are used to. More&Fashion is brought to life by Abantu Ubuntu to fight economic discrimination, to create access to higher income and to create jobs oppertunities.


At the moment you can Custom design and order shoes with a width that will almost fit perfectly around the toes.

With our Perfect Fit Project, we are working on building a platform where everyone will be able to Custom Design and order tailored made Orthopedic shoes. Shoes that will even be covered (partially) by your insurance company.

African Fashion

More&Fashion will be the online platform where every Afro-African entrepreneurs can sell their fashion designs, styles and arts to everyone over the world.

In this way, together with FashiusLooks, we wish to fight economic inequality and economic oppression craftly implemented in Africa by Western, European and Asian countries. This is no-longer a conspiracy theory. Please help us achieve this platform..

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