Check out our new Capsule Sneaker Chelsea Sport Introducing the streets to a classic boot silhouette, the Chelsea-inspired sneaker provides all the versatility of a Chelsea boot with the mobility and comfort of a pair of sneakers. They feature an elastic + zipper easy pull-on closure style and a sneaker ultra light rubber sole, which […]

Tips to design your Slippers

Slipper Ornaments Slippers can be customized with different ornaments including Tassels, Albert Touch, Mask and Bit. Use the Accessories Tab on the bottom right menu of your 3D Designing Tool to choose from the available accessories, and change the material of the ornament after. Embroideries Men’s and Women’s Slippers can be designed with embroideries / […]


The new tech: 3D-designing toon Visit the page: 3D-Design your shoes you should scroll down and find the 3D-Designing tool as shown on the picture underneath. This tool provides you full access to our shoes models, bags models and belts models for men as well as for women.  Step 2: Customize the item to how […]

The art of Handmade Patina

An Antique Finishing Technique for Leathers Patina is an art crafted and designed for shoes by Olga Berluti, member of the famous French brand Berluti which took the world by storm in the 80’s. Hand coloring of shoes was then a fairly new thing in the world of luxury shoes and leather products. The patina […]

The Fastlane production service

What is ‘Fast-Lane’? ‘FastLane’ is our blazing fast 1-Week rapid manufacturing service for individual (single) MTO orders, the perfect counterpart of our Standard MTO service (4 weeks average lead time). Goodyear welted customized shoes in less than 1 week, including hand painted patina textures and burnish finishing. And now, we would like to announce that have […]

Introducing our new ‘Violin’ shaped sole for Goodyear Welted shoes

What is a ‘Violín’ sole? As you know, most of our soles are flat at the waist. The bottom of the sole is simply a flat piece of leather running from toebox to heel. With a fiddleback waist, the waist area is shaped. The sole is substantially thicker in the middle and then thins toward the […]