The new tech: 3D-designing toon

Visit the page: 3D-Design your shoes you should scroll down and find the 3D-Designing tool as shown on the picture underneath. This tool provides you full access to our shoes models, bags models and belts models for men as well as for women. 

Step 1: Select what you want to design 

On the left side of the 3D-Designing Tool you can see the same list as this on the right. This is a list of items you can design to your style and wishes. 

Special designing option:

  • GET INSPIRED:This options will direct you to a list of samples of shoes which we have already made. When you click on one of the shoes you like, you will also get the option to adjust it’s design to your desires.
  • RTW PRODUCTION: This option is only accessible for the personal of More&Fashion.
  • FAST LANE PRODUCTION: Choose this option if you wish to receive your shoes in 4 – 7 days. It comes with less designing options.
  • MENS GOLF: This option will direct you to differentiations golf shoes models  which you can adjust its design, soles, laces, inner lining, etc. to your liking.
  • EXOTIC SKINS: This is for lovers of luxurious handmade shoes. You can have your shoes made from alligator leather, Python leather and ostrich leather. Furthermore, you can have its soles, laces, buckets, and even the make adjusted to your liking. 
  • BELTS, CASUAL BAGS & LUXURY LEATHER GOODS: Are beautiful accessories that will be handmade and coloured according to your design.



Designing options 


Step 2: Customize the item to how you like it

Check out every option available in the 3D-Designing tool and try them out. On the Check-out page, don’t forget to add your initials in the heals, etc. to really personalize the shoe, bag or accessory. The material menu is located on the top bar or underneath on your mobile devices. Select the piece of the shoe by clicking on the actual piece, and then change the material from the available list. Material restrictions may apply to different item pieces.

Burnishing effect

You can add a “Burnishing” effect on selected leathers by using the Burnishing.

In shoemaking terminology, burnish is the term for adding an antiqued effect on leather shoes to create a variation in shades. The process of burnishing is meant to bring out the highs and the lows of the shoe, strongly focusing on drawing out the depth of the leather. Burnishing helps in giving the shoes a look of superior quality and exclusiveness.

While creating your style on the 3D Designing Tool, the burnishing widget will appear on the left side of your screen. Bear in mind that the 3D visualization is just an approximate representation of the finishing effect. Burnishing is an artisan hand-made technique, which ensures that each pair will be totally unique.

Patina Intensity

The Patina Intensity selection widget will be shown on the 3D Tool while customizing an item with patina finish. Two intensity levels are available: Standard and Dark, with darker shadows and dimmer tones

The “intensity” of the patina is the amount of shadow or aging effect applied. It could be comparable to the burnishing effect on standard leathers.

Sole Units

You can choose any of the available sole units using the sole selector widget located on the bottom right of the 3D Designing Tool.

Heel Height

On certain goodyear welted shoe styles and sole units, you will be able to choose between the standard heel and a higher heel. Look for the accessories configuration tab, on the right bottom part of the 3D designing tool. Note that the heel selector will be displayed based on the style and sole unit being used at the moment.

Welt Styles

You can choose between different welt styles using the Welt Style widget, shown on the bottom right panel of the 3D Tool.

Examples of some styles

In well-constructed shoes, the welt is a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the outsole. Its primary function is to attach the upper to the outsole and create a greater durability.

Available welt styles are different depending on the shoe and outsole selected. Some welt styles can be further customized with different colors.The welt color might changed independently of the sole color. Although it is totally up to you, it is possible to match the color of the outsole and the welt.

Use the Welt Widget selector on the bottom right of your 3D Designing Tool to alternate between available welt styles.

Toe Caps & Brogue

On some specific shoe styles the toe can be customized with a cap toe, a brogue toe, etc. If this customization is feasible the Toe Cap selector widget will appear on the bottom right of the 3D Designing Tool

Order Confirmation Check

When you are satisfied with the final look of your design, click on “Order” to begin the order checkout process. However, in order to proceed, you will be required to confirm a check list of all materials (one-by-one)

Product Info

Use the top link “Product Info” to display a screen with detailed information about the style being displayed on screen, including lifestyle and studio pictures of real shoes.

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