Combining authentic shoe making and authentic Patina coloring with future technology

Creating your digital FeetProfile

Together with More&Fashion alain dada will create your digital FeeProfile. There you will find:

  • The feet measurements of your feet for Shoes
  • The measurements of your feet for insoles
  • The design details of your insoles
  • Your Shoes Size
  • Your personal 3D-Designing Tool

Custom Design your Shoes & you Footbed

You will design and order your first shoes with our 3D-Designing Tool together with one our professionals or trough our App.
Based on your unique foot parameters, we will design your custom footbed and add the support you need.

The final fitting session

After 10 working days or 10 weeks, you will receive your  insoles & your Custom Designed shoes
that fits perfectly around your shoes. Don’t forget to contact your insurance company to cover the shoes. 

Now! Enjoy your days
without any worries or any pains on your feet..

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