The Fastlane production service

What is ‘Fast-Lane’?

‘FastLane’ is our blazing fast 1-Week rapid manufacturing service for individual (single) MTO orders, the perfect counterpart of our Standard MTO service (4 weeks average lead time). Goodyear welted customized shoes in less than 1 week, including hand painted patina textures and burnish finishing.

And now, we would like to announce that have extended our Fast-Lane offer to include the following new 14 shoe styles. All of them are now ready to be ordered!

Who is ‘Fast-Lane’ for?

We came to realize that lead time can be a limiting factor to our everyone. ‘Fastlane’ is meant to help in situations like getting yours shoes faster for an upcoming trade show or any other important events like weddings. As a matter of fact, ‘Fastlane’ service will be helpful in any situation where lead time comes first on priority list, even if it means sacrificing a few customizing features.

‘Fast Lane’ orders are produced up to 4 times faster than standard Made-To-Order orders, and are constructed using the same processes and materials, including our hand painted patina and burnishing. Only the customization options are very limited.

Amazing Fast 1-Week Production, How

‘FastLane’ is a 1-Week Made-to-Order production service for individual (single) MTO Goodyear Welted orders. Amazing fast production time (1-week), because the shoes are partially pre-produced on our side. They are kept in-stock in our warehouse, and then finished after your order. Fully Made-to-Order Goodyear Welted shoes in 1-week!

Understandably, the Fastlane production is fairly limited in the number of customizing options. The ‘Fastlane’ orders cannot be designed with the same customizing options as standard MTO orders. Since the stock is pre-produced, you are strictly limited to a few choices, including upper color / patina texture, sole color and shoe laces color. A small sacrifice on the personalization side, since you will be able to order private labeled Goodyear Welted shoes to be produced in just 1 Week!

How to order?

Look for the ‘Fastlane’ category on your 3D designing platform! Styles available for Fast-Lane production are dynamic, that is, they will change over time based on the stock available and our current styles offer. We will be periodically replacing the stock, and adding new shoe styles to the Fast Lane collection, please, stay tuned in on this category.

Stock is monitored in real-time to make sure all ‘FastLane’ orders are produced in just 1 week. Keep in mind that the stock for ‘FastLane’ is very runs out fast because of it’s popularity. We will inform you in time if the materials for the shoes you designed are out of stock.

after the closing one of the “Fastlane” models, start designing the shoes with the colours you like


Ware all professionals in the manufacturing or High-end shoes. We already manufacture for famous Luxury Brands and it is our passion to work for you!

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