Tips to design your Slippers

Slipper Ornaments

Slippers can be customized with different ornaments including Tassels, Albert Touch, Mask and Bit. Use the Accessories Tab on the bottom right menu of your 3D Designing Tool to choose from the available accessories, and change the material of the ornament after.


Men’s and Women’s Slippers can be designed with embroideries / motifs / logos on the upper vamp. Using our 3D Designing tool, you will be able to access our current embroidery repository, which is quite large and includes dozens of designs with all kind of motifs.

Motifs can be placed and positioned on the upper vamp using the 3D Designing Tool. The embroidery design widget is located on the Accessories tab, on the bottom right part of the screen. 


Slippers can be embroidered with up to 3 initials on the side. Initials can be made in different font styles and colors. Use the right bottom panel “Side” to add the initials.

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